Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dreaming of Amelia

My new book, Dreaming of Amelia, is now out in Australia and New Zealand. It will come out in the UK in April next year, and in the US and Canada in June (but there, it will be called The Ghosts of Ashbury High).

It's about two new characters, mysterious strangers named Amelia and Riley, who've just transferred to Ashbury. And it's a ghost story.

Another thing: I'm getting a website. It's almost ready. My brilliant brother-in-law named Steve is designing it.

I have other things to talk about. I keep overhearing conversations about robberies, for instance. There was a curious day with a rainbow theme. I saw the preview of a breathtaking new Australian horror film called Fragment. A journalist with a notepad and pen sat down beside me. 'I hope this is not too scary,' she whispered to her friend.

Today I took Charlie swimming at the North Sydney Pool. A woman was sitting on a brick wall outside with her head in her hands. The rain was soft on everything, the bridge and the curve of the Luna Park gate.

'Is that man coming home with us?' said Charlie, unexpectedly. I turned to see where he was pointing - a stranger in speedos, nice muscle tone, pleasant face, pushing his goggles up into his wet hair. 'I don't think he's coming home with us,' I said. We went to the swimming pool cafe then, and overheard two men discuss a robbery.

So, I will write about all these things one day soon, but for now, I'd better just post this, about the new book.