Thursday, September 03, 2009


Last night, I dreamed that I was on a flight to Melbourne and somebody phoned from the airline to tell me that my flight would be free. This meant I had to sit on a long, purple, comfortable couch.
I saw my friend Michael. He was coming to join me on the couch, because the same thing had just happened to him.
‘Isn’t it great?’ I said. ‘I’m just thinking of all the things I am going to do with the money now that I don’t have to use it for this ticket.’
But Michael said he wasn’t sure he liked it.
‘Yes,’ I said, thoughtfully, ‘I see what you mean. If we are not technically passengers, then are we really here?’
‘No,’ Michael said, ‘it’s more that I’m concerned that the airline will go under if it gives away too many free flights. And then how will we get home?’
At that moment, the pilot said we should prepare for descent. ‘We’d better let Melbourne know we’re coming,’ Michael said, and walked away.
So I dialled Melbourne. Somebody named Miranda answered.
‘Just letting you know that we’re about to land!’ I said.
There was a long, hostile silence from Miranda.
Eventually - uncertain - I hung up.

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