Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Look. Here are some photos of Charlie with his cousin George.
George is the son of my sister, Liane Moriarty. She’s a writer too, and her latest book, What Alice Forgot, is perfect, rich, funny, complex, engaging, smart, breathtaking and heartbreaking. You’ll stay up half the night reading it.
Here’s the first review I can find:

“[Liane Moriarty] writes acute social comedies of the feminine, where the domestic is more political than cosy. In this, Moriaty’s third novel, Alice is a housewife who loses 10 years of her memory in a gym accident. She thinks she is 29, in love and pregnant, when actually she is a divorcing mother of three. Technically this premise is a challenge, which Moriarty makes appear effortless. The humour arises partly from fear of change, whether of age, or new technology. Alice battles three challenging children, a hostile husband, a boyfriend she simply can’t recall. … bravura depiction. Great stuff,"

So, like I said, here are some pictures of Charlie and George.


Anonymous Anna said...

I have read it also! So here's another review:

I loved it! Although, the ending made me a little worried whilst I was reading it (how cruel!) (I was fine in the end.) Alice-at-29 was wonderful, too. And the other review is right, I didn't doubt the premise at all which has happened with other stories and such.

My review is less practised than the other one you posted there, so maybe you should just keep quoting that. I have to write recommendations at work sometimes and I feel so bad because I never do the books I like justice. Aaah.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Thanks, Anna. I think your review was great! x

5:00 PM  

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