Saturday, September 20, 2008

Very Important News

From Monday, 22 September, for one month, I am going to be the writer-in-residence at What this means is that I will be blogging there. It also means that things are going to change. For one month, I am going to be blogging regularly: every couple of days, even. I don’t know if I can, but that’s the plan.

If I knew how to hyperlink I would send you there now. I hope you can find your own way. If not, never mind. In a month, I will be back.

In other important news, my computer crashed. It is gone. Most things have been saved but I have lost some e-mail – including a folder of reader mail received in the last few months. I reply to all reader mail eventually, so if you have not heard from me, and months have gone by, it probably means that you are one of the lost ones. I am very sorry. If you like, you can resend your e-mails and then I will reply.

What else? Well, I am now on facebook. Please come and be my friend. So far, I’ve got nothing in the way of a profile so I offer almost nothing to friends. But that's gonna change.

Also, Charlie turned two. I made him a caterpillar cake. It was multi-coloured with coconut fur and jellybean feet. The eyes were the best part. They were smarties stuck to large white mints. As soon as I attached the eyes, the caterpillar came alive.

But I missed the party because I had the flu. I have now seen the party photos - and the caterpillar’s eyes are gone. They must have fallen off on the journey, and nobody knew to re-attach them. This makes me very sad.

I am still working on my new Ashbury- Brookfield book. It’s a ghost story, but so far not scary at all. That’s gotta change. A lot of things changing around here.

Finally, my television broke. I woke up the other morning and its red light had gone out. Someone slipped into my house in the middle of the night and blew it out. Or maybe the tv was lonely for its distant planet? I don’t know how to rekindle its heartlight.

Anyway, no tv. But that news might only be important to me.


Blogger Mark O'Meara said...

I looked for you on facebook but a search only returned fans of your books rather than you.

It's funny, I read your post here about inside a dog yesterday and today I saw a poster for that site at my local library.

That's a shame about your telly. While I mostly dislike my own set I might be sad if it stopped working.

7:49 p.m.  
Blogger mick said...

Maybe Charlie pressed the tv's power button, so it's no longer on standby.

10:34 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading more Ashbury-Brooklyn books :)

6:55 p.m.  
Blogger Lolita said...

Cool, I found your blogging on Inside A Dog. Just to let you know, Finding Cassie Crazy is one of my all time favourite books. It's just the kind of book I can sit down and open anywhere, and be sure I'll be reading something good. :D

10:03 p.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Mark, I'm very sorry about facebook not returning my face in your search. It's a strange situation. Other people have found me, but how? I'll ask them. Anonymous and Lolita, thank you so much! And Mick, you got another suggestion? I feel like watching tv again. I saw a poster for all new House in the city, and House was looking at me with such meaningful intensity. He knows I'm not watching any more.

5:45 p.m.  
Anonymous dessemerald said...

Looking forward to more books from you too! Like lolita, Finding Cassie Crazy (though, I know it as The Year of Secret Assignments) is one of my favorites of all time. And right now, I'm re-reading Bindy Mackenzie. Love it. : )

11:52 p.m.  
Anonymous xxx Cassie xxx said...

eeeek :) Another Book whoopee!

Already looking forward to it :) you know I just finished rereading Becoming Bindy Mackenzie - Brilliant by the way - and i figured I'd just type in Jaclyn Moriarty in google and this came up :) Yay :):):) Happy new year to you :) I hope you like smiley faces

6:23 a.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Thank you, Dessemerald and Cassie, and Happy New Year to you both. And yes, I like smiley faces a lot. xxx

11:14 a.m.  
Blogger Haylen Nadia said...

Hey Jaclyn,
hehe finding cassie crazy is sitting next to me, literally with its legs crossed. kooky, eh?
hehe, my auntie says that all the time and when i read it in finding cassie crazy, um i forgot what i did - but i bet it was crazy.
i just started blogging tonight. I think your really funny and i cant wait to read more books :D

1:05 a.m.  
Blogger deltay said...

I'll have to go search you up on Facebook, that's awesome!

And it's great that you've got a new book in works; really looking forward to seeing the old gang again :D

2:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Natalie said...

Hey Jaclyn
How do I even begin to tell you how much I love Finding Cassie Crazy, I just finished reading it for the 5th time. Thank you.

12:04 a.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Natalie, that is a very lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. Deltay, yeah, come and find me on facebook. I still haven't got a profile but I'm very happy to have new friends. And Haylen, you're pretty funny (and crazy) yourself! Thanks for your message. xx

4:18 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have time, please start blogging again! I miss your funny, zany posts.

8:54 a.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Thank you, Anonymous. That is very kind. And I am sorry it's been so long. I'm not so good as a blogger. But I have maybe two weeks before I write 'the end' on my ghost story and then I will be back. Or maybe a bit after that. I guess I'll have to celebrate writing 'the end' for a few days first.

3:40 p.m.  
Blogger Gel said...

I wish these said the dates instead of just the times...
I know someone basically already said this, but I miss your blogs! Come baaack! [Please.]

8:29 a.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Thank you, Gel. And you make a good point. No dates. So: today is 10 March 2009 and I am hoping to write 'the end' by this Friday, 13 March. Friday 13 seems like the right day to write 'the end' on a ghost story.

3:33 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just realised that today is the day before THE day. If you're anything like me you'll be panicking to get it all done because there's suddenly SO MUCH TO DO in the last day and your computer will be crashing to lose all your very final drafts. I hope that is not happening to you. But just in case I thought I'd write to say a very big GOOD LUCK AND THANKYOU just in case. Can't wait to read the new one.

9:59 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is quite on the random side, but I just thought I'd share a dream I had with you:

I was in a small bookstore, browsing, when I came across a table piled with the fattest books I'd ever seen. Across the top of each book was a blurb by J.K. Rowling, saying something essentially like, "Oh, this book is so amazing, buy it right now!" (I couldn't actually read the blurb, as it's very challenging to read print in dreams, but I knew that it was from Rowling, and that it was along those lines.) Anyway, I then noticed that-- below the quote, and taking up the entire cover space-- were the words, "JACLYN MORIARTY, BOOK FIVE," and then either "Volume One" or "Volume Two" below that. (Is it possible that the book you are working on is your fifth? Because that is certainly what my dreaming self thought.) And so of course I grabbed both a Volume One and a Volume Two, and took them to the counter and paid for them, and was walking outside with my dad-- who had suddenly showed up in the bookstore with me-- when I realized the binding on Volume One was completely disintegrating (possibly because, in addition to having the quote from JK Rowling, the books really resembled Harry Potter books. And my Harry Potters are completely falling apart, having been read in the bath and all). So I went back inside the bookstore, showed the manager the Volume One, and asked for a replacement. But after taking it from me, he realized they no longer had any of your books, as the display table had just disappeared. And it was very frustrating, and then the dream morphed into something about me walking through my friend's apartment, and looking for her cat.

But. There you go. Tell your publisher to use proper glue on your bindings, please.

1:51 a.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Anonymous, thank you so much for your good luck wishes. And second Anonymous, thank you for your dream. I think it means that you have high hopes for my next book (the praise from Rowling) but you suspect you may be profoundly disappointed (the disintegration). I'm grateful to you for having high hopes, but a little hurt by your lack of faith in me. Never mind. In the alternative, you are having my dreams for me, because your dream incorporates my own fear, which I have not shared with anybody, that this book I'm writing now will be so long and unwieldy that its binding will fall apart. It also expresses my anxiety that bookshops will suddenly stop stocking my books- that is, the books had disappeared when you went back. Spooky, but I want to thank you for having my anxiety dream for me, and I hope you found the cat. `

4:48 p.m.  
Anonymous Emilie said...

hey i loved your book "the year of the secret assignments" and i was wondering if you are going to write any more book with Emily, Lydia, Cassie, Seb, and Charlie as the main people telling the story. Lydia and Seb were my favorite couple and I would love to hear more about them. Thanks for all of your books

6:34 a.m.  
Anonymous Emma said...

I'm really genuinely looking forward to your next Ashbury-Brookfield book - I was flicking throuh 'Feeling Sorry for Celia' for the umpteenth time the other day and was wondering when your next book might be coming out! You are one of only two authors currently residing on my (pretty extensive) bookshelf who has actually succeeded in making me laugh out loud. My friends say I have a bizarre sense of humour, so this is a significant achievement on your part. So thank you for that :)

11:49 p.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Emilie, thank you so much, and I'm glad you liked Lydia and Seb because they are in the book that I just finished writing. Along with Em, Cass, Toby and some new characters. They're in their final year of high school now, and it's a ghost story. Emma, thank YOU so much, too. That's a very kind thing to say. xx

3:12 p.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

9:09 p.m.  
Blogger Amy said...

Pretty much stoked that you have finished the next book, I'll be keeping a keen eye out for it, in the hopefully near future!
Missing your blog updates, and I can only hope all your effort is being channeled into another book I know I will just treasure =)

9:09 p.m.  

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