Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I am Working on Right Now

Right now I suppose I’m working on this blog. Writing it, anyway. As soon as I’ve posted this, however, I am going to write a novel for an hour and then I’m going to work on cleaning up the study. I’m supposed to do nothing except write while the babysitter is here, but you should see this study.

Wait. You can see the study. I can take a photo and put it here. The crazy world of the web. It really makes you think.

And then, once it’s cleaned up, I can take an After Shot and post that too. Although that will be less interesting. Just carpet and bookshelves.

When I am actually writing, I am working on three things. The first is a young adult book in the Ashbury-Brookfield series. It’s going to be a ghost story. Soon I will write a post and describe it, but at the moment I feel sleepy from chocolate and apple-and-cinnamon tea. The second is a book about a seventeen-year-old girl who receives extracts from a self-improvement book in the mail. She doesn’t know who’s sending them. They arrive, mysteriously, every few years, until she’s thirty-five years old. That one will be called The Effort of Pleasure or else a title which uses the word Zebra. The third is a five-book series about the Kingdom of Cello.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Jacklyn!

first, I love that you are writing not one, not two, but THREE books for the delight of people like me, who literally cannot get enough of your books. I'm with the previous commenter (Emily?) who wants enough of your books to last my entire life.

second, congratulations on your well-deserved award! I haven't actually read the Bindi book yet (I didn't know it existed until today, but I just ordered it) but I have complete faith that it is at least as good as the others, which are absolutely prize-worthy.

third, I find it a severe underestimation of your work on the part of libraries and bookstores to label your work "young adult." I didn't read Feeling Sorry for Celia until I was a junior in college (I am 25 now), and I actually found it in the adult section of a bookstore, but now they're all in the YA areas. it's extremely misleading. the writing, plots, and universality (if that's a word) of your books clearly makes them appropriate for any adult, young or not. plus, I never would have read your stuff if it was hidden away in the YA area. I have even thought about complaining to my library about the discrimination. (I have a Master's in English, so they should listen to me about this.)

anyway.... I would love it if you wanted to be my new best friend, because that's how much I love you, but I am aware that you have books to write and a child to raise and probably things like social engagements also, so I won't be offended if you are unable to make that kind of commitment.

just know that I am here, in case you ever need a BFF. :)

thanks for writing!

1:40 p.m.  
Blogger LanAnh said...

I love your Ashbury series. I love the characters. I love them all. I love the plot. I've reread each one for more than three times, and am hungry for more!

I hope these are words of encouragement. Your books rock

5:44 p.m.  
Blogger Jaclyn Moriarty said...

Stephanie: you are so lovely and I think you would make an excellent new best friend. That is a generous offer. And I think I need to write a post all about the YA/Adult division. Maybe I'll do that one day? I should. And Lananh: your words are VERY encouraging. Thank you so much!

4:44 p.m.  

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