Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Liane, with Charlie

My favourite game was called Imaginary Adventure. It was invented by my sister, Liane, and we played it with the neighbourhood kids. What happened was, Liane told an extraordinary story and, as she talked, we acted out the story. She directed us, very precisely. I once spent an hour trapped in a giant's ham sandwich.
If you want to play Imaginary Adventure now, you just read one of Liane's books. She has a new one, a children's book called The Petrifiying Problem with Princess Petronella. Her other books, for grown-ups, are Three Wishes and The Last Anniversary. I love her stories; she's so smart and funny.
Somewhere online, Liane once found a conspiracy theory that she and I are the same person. Think about it, the theorist said, they both come from Sydney. They're both called Moriarty. THEY BOTH WRITE BOOKS.
But I had coffee with Liane yesterday. So how can we be the same person? That's what I keep asking myself.


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