Friday, October 14, 2005


We decided, for superstitious reasons, to wait for the results of the last blood tests before we told our families the news.
At this time, I began to wonder if it might be bad luck to be superstitious.
In first year university, I was in German-A, by mistake. My friend had told me the questions they asked on the placement exam. I prepared a range of surprising vocabulary for the answers, along with extensive use of the subjunctive. So I ended up in German-A, with the kids who’d spent the last two years on exchange in Hamburg. They all began their sentences with lethargic, “Na ja, ich – ich glaube -” There was very little that I understood that year. I know we did an intensive unit on Superstition, and many insights emerged. I’ve always wondered what the insights were. Rudiger, the teacher, tried to draw me in with his compelling blue eyes, and the occasional, confusing question. I believe he once asked how I felt about my star sign. But who knows. It took me a surprisingly long time to realise how strange it was, to cheat on a placement exam.


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