Friday, October 14, 2005

The Second Day of the Book Tour

On this day, I slept in, had a room service breakfast in bed, chose what I wanted to read at the festival, read it quietly to myself, worrying that people would hear out in the corridors. I decided what to wear and changed my mind. I worried that people in Halifax might not like my leather jacket. I was excited about seeing the sea.
Word on the Street is a festival that seems to take place inside, not on the street. It was never clear to me whether it was in Pier 21 or Pier 20.
There were a number of kind and friendly people from a bookstore, people I loved. One young woman told me her book club had discussed which book would endure: my book, Feeling Sorry for Celia, or a book called Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. She said the group was split down the middle.
I sat at a table to sign books, and people came forward and picked up my book and made delighted faces at the cover, for my benefit, and then replaced the book, carefully. One woman seemed very interested and asked how much it was, so I turned the book over and found the price on the back. Oh, she said, so it’s just regular price. And she walked away, sadly.
You could tell they got nervous when you looked at them too closely, or said something helpful about the book. They put the book back quickly as if it might catch onto their clothes. A woman with a gentle face introduced herself and asked if I had children. I almost told her, but didn’t know if I could.


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