Friday, October 14, 2005

The Boats on the Book Tour

There was a cruise ship at Halifax Word on the Street. People pressed their noses to the windows to stare. Passengers on balconies stared back.
Also, in Toronto, there were sailing boats on the lake. We ate hot dogs to watch the boats. Mine was Polish sausage (mild), and I overloaded it with ketchup and pickles, and felt that this was not Canadian, to carry a spilling hotdog. Colin assured me that it was.
We sat next to an older couple who exclaimed about the boats. They were astonished by the boats. “Look! Look at the size of the sail on that one! Would you look at that?” The woman recognised a boat from the day before, and seemed about to suffocate on the excitement. Her voice could not contain her hysteria.
For some time, the couple continued exclaiming about the coincidence: “Can you believe it? What are the chances? The very same boat!”
Nearby, a man hailed a water taxi.
After the older couple had left, a boat went by with a skull and crossbones on its sail. We felt grateful that the couple were not there to see it.


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