Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I suppose if I am going to carry on with the analogy, what will happen next is that the editors will turn up at the wharf, and start knocking on the side of my boat, gazing in the window, frowning at my family. They’ll be climbing aboard, tapping their nose, then suggesting that I take the football away from the boy and give it to the little girl. Give the boy a pair of rollerblades instead.
They’ll be calling to me: What about some dialogue in here? Some character development! An explanation for why they were running, and why they’re still sitting here an hour later! It makes no sense! What about some insight into how the boy feels (resentful? agitated?) about this day out with his family? Could the mother have a limp—a sprained ankle perhaps? And if so, how did she sprain it?
Also, does this have to be a yacht? What about a rowboat?
Or couldn’t they be sitting on a bus?


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