Friday, October 14, 2005


The Book Launch party was in Toronto on the sixth day of the tour. Colin had come into Toronto for this, and there he was with Paul in the hotel lobby.
This hotel is the best of them all, and has apples at the front desk, and apples in sets of three outside the elevators. On previous visits, the apples have been green, but now they were red. Also, there are bottles of water lined up on shelves in the fitness room, and a roof terrace with music speakers hidden inside rocks, and someone will give you bottles of water and chocolates in the evening. The bathroom is through a glass wall.
We saw the movie Flightplan, and I had just read in the paper that morning that flight attendant societies all over the world are calling on people to boycott this movie, because it depicts flight attendants as unfriendly.
The movie started well and then became hilariously bad. It was a good laugh, how bad it was. The flight attendants seemed friendly enough to us, except for the one who was planning to blow up a plane and murder a child.


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